Our Equipment

Bryant-Ritter Hewitt’s inventory of equipment includes a full line of work-ready electrical construction equipment to handle most any size contract. We are especially prepared for DOT roadwork electrical contracting projects with numerous bucket and line trucks, backhoes, excavators, forklifts, boring and trenching equipment for traffic signalization and other roadwork requirements. Bryant-Ritter Hewitt also possesses an inventory of site and utility trailers along with company-owned autos, utility trucks, and miscellaneous equipment available for immediate response and preparation for our projects.
Directional Drilling & Caisson “Hole Popper” Vertical Drilling
Bryant-Ritter Hewitt possesses a dedicated division employing a skilled crew and equipment for all directional drilling/boring and vertical drilling project needs. We also feature a caisson “hole popper” rig and cement rig for foundations up to 35′ deep and 5′ in diameter. Give us a call today for any directional or vertical drilling requirement you may have.